Franklin and Betty Garland are the owners and operators of Garland Truffles. In business since 1979, they pioneered truffle growing in the Western Hemisphere and produced the first commercially grown truffles in the United States in 1992. Franklin has published numerous articles and papers, and has provided multiple presentations about truffle growing. His innovative methods have been used successfully by growers worldwide. Garland Truffles is the leader and the only successful nursery in the USA. Our established grower communication network worldwide insures that Garland Truffles can provide the most current technology and supplies available.

Franklin Garland is the developer of the exclusive Garland Method for Producing Truffles. As of 2008, our trees and methods are the only ones that have repeatedly produced truffles in as little as five years. The Garlands own and harvest from several orchards in North Carolina and Virginia.

Nursery facilities are operated in North Carolina.  The combined experience of our nurserymen is over 60 years. Franklin Garland is the author of the booklet Truffle Cultivation in North America. He has served as the president of the North American Truffle Growers Association (NATGA), representing over 100 growers in the United States. In 2008, NATGA officially named Franklin the founding father of the truffle industry in the Americas.

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