Jane Smith and Friday
Jane Smith and her dog, Friday, digging a 6.7 ounce truffle on December 18, 2006!
Rick Smith
Rick Smith and a truffle he harvested on January 7, 2007!
Boomer digging up a truffle
Boomer hard at work
Bud and Heather Chaney
Bud and Heather Chaney prepare  a truffle harvested on January 28, 2007!

Bob Passarelli and Jacque
Chef Bob Passarelli and Jacques on a truffle hunt!

Franklin and Ginger
Franklin and Ginger find another truffle
Dazy - Soon to be a truffle hunter!
Midnight, Dusky, and Mid Day
Midnight, Dusky, and Mid Day getting some training
Charles Bradley and Molley harvest a choice truffle!
Charles Bradley and Molly harvest a choice truffle
Truffle Hunting