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Garland Truffles is the most experienced, successful commercial grower of truffles in the Western Hemisphere.
Large profits can be made on relatively few acres. Some gardening or farm experience is recommended.
Our web site contains valuable truffle cultivation information.
Contact us at info@garlandtruffles.com for additional information regarding the suitability of your planting site.

Why Choose Garland Truffles?

  • We are experienced growers in business since 1979 and produce truffles ourselves on our own trees.
  • All of our trees are grown in-house with our proven scientific methods, not by a third party.
  • Our tree prices are more competitive than anyone else.
  • We will help you determine the suitability of your site
  • We are hands on for consultation of orchard methodology, maintenance, pest control, disease control, chemicals stimulants, and dog training.
  • It is in our benefit for you to produce truffles.
  • We will buy back all suitable truffles from our customers at wholesale prices.
  • Each year, more and more of our customers are finding truffles.

We Will Not:

  • Force partnerships backed by silent 3rd party foreign investors that will use the sale of your land as an exit clause if the orchard fails or production hasn't started within a certain timeframe.
  • Ask that you pay more money to us and surrender a large portion of your truffles to us when you begin producing.
  • Recommend you attempt cultivation in areas that we deem unsuitable (except for experimental purposes).


* Truffle farming is a commercial, high risk, high return investment.

* Significant capital, time, and labor, are required.

* It is not recommended for the casual backyard gardener.

* A minimum planting of 54 trees is the smallest quantity recommended for a trial.

* A one or more acre planting (500 trees) is considered a commercial venture.

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